Two of my blog team have posted articles on their personal blogs that you really need to read, especially if you have interest in Roman Catholic polemics. James Swan, the master of all odd Luther quotes, has just blown a hole in the boat of many of Rome’s pop apologists who constantly hammer away at the “Luther and Calvin believed what we believe about Mary!” line (which is bogus on its face, given the IC and BA were defined after their time) by patiently tracking down the sources, once again, on a Luther “quote” often used by RC apologists. Another great example of “Don’t believe much of what you see on an RC website.” Here is the article.

Meanwhile TurretinFan’s blog is always a gold-mine of material (the contrast between what you read there, and at Beggars All, with what you read on the standard RC blogs is striking), and currently he is teaming up with Pastor David King in posting material on the sufficiency of Scripture. Here are two important articles (here and here). Important and edifying material for those seeking to bring the good news of a gospel that actually saves to those trapped in the darkness of Romanism.

Once again, I am deeply thankful for the many co-laborers the Lord has sent into the fields of harvest!

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