So I am thrilled to be on my first day of a “test run” with the new A&O “mobile command center,” our 5th wheel unit that I will be using to do a major western loop at the end of July into mid August, and then across the nation to G3 at the end of September as well. The truck/trailer combination passed the big test of climbing Sunset Point, a major accomplishment! We had a great show today on the technical level anyway, for which I am thankful as well. We covered the IRS’s rejection of a Christian ministry’s application for non-profit status based upon (seriously) the fact that the Bible’s teachings line up with the Republican party. Then we thought about what it means that Pope Francis can write a congratulatory letter to Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit priest well known for his promotion of LGBTQ causes (see here). Then we finished up looking a little more deeply at Gregory’s confession of faith from around AD 265, digging into its biblical foundations. If we manage a program tomorrow, we will continue that study.


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