I am such a horrible person. Or so Jimmy Akin says, and hence, it must be true. I mean, my horrible attitude must be the reason for his constant mocking tone and derogatory statements. Has to be. What other reason could there be? Well, I guess he might be so very snippy because he’s so busy. His current blog makes that point strongly. I mean, I can’t imagine how busy the man is. I am only married with children, hold office in the church, teach for two seminaries, live in airports and on airliners, do five to six formal debates a year, and have had one book come out this year so far and two more coming out in the next three months, not including journal articles. So what could I possibly know? That might explain how his dismissive articles about me are OK, but if I dare reply, I’m “ranting.”

Anyway, Jimmy Akin doesn’t know about what I’ve said about his errors regarding the inceptive aorist. I mean, he wants everyone to know that he doesn’t read this blog regularly. And why an apologist would be concerned about the refutation of any of his arguments one could not possibly understand. So he wants to know what I’ve said so he can respond to it. So, I am more than happy to help him out. First, I sent Mr. Akin, in mp3 format, the entire section from the February, 2002 Dividing Line where I discussed the inceptive aorist issue, played the call to him from a Catholic, etc. For those who wish to hear it, here’s the link. Simply fast-forward to 33 minutes into the program to hear the segment. It is pretty self-explanatory. Next, here are three links to give him quick, fast, direct access to what I’ve said about his exegesis recently: #1,
#2, #3. There, I hope this will help Mr. Akin to obtain all the material he needs.

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