As our regular readers know, over the past week or so once again the wrath of a wide spectrum of Roman Catholics has been sent my direction due to my daring to be consistent with my own faith and with the positions I have presented in published works and public debates for many years. You have also noticed, I’m sure, that the essence of these objections are not based upon matters of truth but upon perceptions and feelings, the very essence of post-modern Western thinking. While the accusation of ignorance and error etc., is constant, likewise is the lack of documentation or examples. Though I have opened the phone lines to give these folks the opportunity of expressing their objections to me, we do not find many to have the courage of their convictions. The vast majority have not even bothered to read any of my books, watch the debates we have done, etc.
   Over on the Catholic Answers forums a thread has developed calling for a day of fasting and prayer for my conversion to Roman Catholicism. I would like to encourage Christians to spend time in prayer asking God to draw to Himself His people who are currently trapped in the Roman system, revealing to them a perfect Savior who needs no mediators between Him and His people. Of course, I am uncertain why Roman Catholics would adopt this course, given their theology really does not allow for a sovereign God who can take out a heart of stone and give a heart of flesh (the Reformed view), but that really isn’t my point in noting this thread.
   What I find fascinating about this thread is the hypocrisy it documents. Hypocrisy is the consistent utilization of double-standards in one’s thoughts and actions. The application of one standard to me, and another to anything related to Rome, is the hallmark of the torrent of words sent my direction of late. And you can hardly find a better series of examples of it than in this thread at the CA forums. Remembering that this is a thread about praying for my alleged conversion, let’s note the language, the falsehoods, propounded in the name of Mother Church:

Many believe that Mr. James White has led many people astray and makes his living by promoting anti-Catholicism. (I’m a Reformed Baptist apologist: when I debate Muslims, am I an anti-Catholic?)

It is my belief that Mr. White knows more than anyone how untruthful he is regarding the Catholic Church and that he is sort of “stuck” by making a good living out of Anti-Catholicism. (Yeah, just rollin’ in the dough!)

Please also commit to fasting from meat this Friday as a form of prayer for the conversion of James White. (Col 2:23)

   The following comment I found quite interesting:

If you are not arrogantly assuming that he is not a Christian, what on earth are you calling him to convert to?
Your church??
(Exactly: as James Swan has noted recently, that is what Rome’s “evangelism” is all about: conversion to Mother Church.)

   I should note the good with the bad:

if you said you believe Mr. White knew him better than anybody, what reasons/evidences/ to prove that he is doing it for the money. Unless you have solid confidence, I don’t want to read someone else’s heart if I don’t know well. (Hey, someone who realizes most of these folks are focused upon persons rather than truths! That’s downright encouraging!)

If you don’t know him, his main thrust and focus in life can, in my opinion, and the opinion of many, many others, be called Anti-Catholic. (And everyone who does, in fact, know me, knows this man does not).

It can safely be said that Mr White has kept thousands of people from the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church. (Angelic chorus of “alleluia” in background).

   There are other threads in the forums about me, as I am a constant topic of discussion. Maddeningly, the majority of those who comment have never read a book, never viewed a debate, and are very happy in their ignorance and intend to stay that way. I suppose that is one of the major differences between us: when I encountered Roman Catholic apologists, I immediately bought their books, listened to their tapes and debates, and responded to the best they had to offer. I think that alone makes a rather loud statement.
   In any case, let me say to those few Roman Catholics who would actually dare come to this website and read: if you wish to see me converted, I have already laid out what you must do. I have raised a tremendous number of issues over the past almost twenty years regarding the claims of Rome. Listen to the best debates I have had with men like Mitch Pacwa, for example. Listen to the questions asked. Listen especially to the debates on the Papacy with Matatics, Staples, Sungenis, and Pacwa. Can you explain the contradictions even between the responses offered by these apologists? Can you honestly say your apologists have given compelling, consistent defenses in debate for the strong, wide-ranging historical evidence that stands so firmly against Papal pretensions that even Newman had to admit their weight? Conversion to a system of error is not the work of the Holy Spirit, but a spirit of delusion, my friends. So you must provide a significantly better response to the many problems of your authoritarian claims and your theology than you have. The Spirit does not make untruths true; the Spirit is the Spirit of truth, and it is my prayer that as you pray on Friday you will be convicted that you are praying for someone’s conversion to a system rather than someone’s conversion to Christ.

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