Shea opines,

A reader asks:

Why isn’t Mary considered the first priest since she actually brought Christ into this world?

Well, in a certain sense she is since she participates in the common priesthood of all the baptized. However, the short answer is: Because Christ did not ordain her to the sacerdotal priesthood.

   Of course, Christ never ordained anyone to a “sacerdotal priesthood,” so we are left wondering how that answer is satisfying. Of course, the very idea that God’s use of means somehow turns the means into something beyond itself (the basis of the question) is yet another problem with the entire system, but that’s another issue.
   I note a further addition to Shea’s expression of Reformophobia I mentioned last night, to be found here. Shea admits he is mainly venting his hatred of yours truly and my “lackeys.” I have always found it very amusing that folks like Shea think that I have legions of followers running about the web, doing my bidding. I have found this attitude amongst Roman Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness advocates, and Muslims. Some in those groups that I choose to address for apologetic purposes react in the same way: if anyone out in the wide, wide world of the Internet happens to agree with me, and voice their agreement, that must mean James White sent them! They are all under my control! At times I am tempted to send some of these folks a tinfoil hat just for the fun of it. I find it ironic that Shea will use the “anti-Catholic” moniker frequently, yet, it is his attitude that is most accurately described as “anti-Protestant” or anti-Calvinist or however else you’d like to express it.

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