It was almost surreal to be on Iron Sharpens Iron today to try, anyway, to talk with Gerry Matatics about his adoption of the sedevacantist position (he doesn’t like the term, and prefers “consistent Catholicism,” but I must say, that phraseology really communicates nothing about the peculiar aspects of his beliefs). As always, Gerry got the lion’s share of the time (mainly because you can’t break into him because he has the amazing ability to talk without ever pausing to breathe), but I still managed to get a few statements in, mainly after the middle of the program. I would love to hear Matatics and one of the “mainline” apologists debate this topic, I really would, but that is probably not high on the mainline apologists’ list of “things to do before I die.” But maybe something will be worked out. In any case, if you would like to hear the initial interview with Gerry alone, it is here, and today’s program that included me…at least after the half hour part, is here.

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