The famous Algo pointed me to a rather lengthy thread in the Catholic Answers Forums today, found here. It is an excellent example of how the constant drumbeat argument of Rome, that sola scriptura leads to differences of belief and practice, etc., but Rome is wonderfully unified, etc., is not a wit short of ludicrous. Here you have faithful Roman Catholics, seeking to follow after the leadership of their group, quoting sources right and left, all in disagreement with each other! It would be humorous if it was not so serious, since the issue is who is, and who is not, saved! But alas, the addition of reams of alleged “tradition” to the inspired Scriptures has done nothing to bring unity and clarity, for, of course, all that alleged “tradition” does is obscure divine truth, since it is human in origin and inconsistent with itself.
This thread reminds me of the off-hand remark Robert Fastiggi made to me during one of the breaks in our televised debates way back in the mid 1990s. When I pointed out a conflicting opinion expressed in print by a Roman Catholic scholar, he opined, “Yes, well, there are certainly more views expressed now that we stopped the Inquisition.” Yes, yes indeed there are.

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