Not that it would have made any difference, but I might have been a little less willing to give her so much time. This was posted last evening:

Back in 1992, the likes of James White and Mark Martin did alot to confuse my faith and make my reversion back to the Church all the more difficult and painful because I had to go through one-by-one and undo all their lies before I could see the light. I know what that’s like and even for the fact that Mr White is a pariah in the heady world of Prot apologia, there are still those innocents who unwittingly hang on his every word like gospel. I know what that’s like–I remember. According to his blog (thanks to Jimmy Akin for giving me the head’s up), I’ve evidentally never heard his program before–that’s where he’s wrong. And so, I’m agreeing to this farce of a “discussion” for the sakes of those who listen, not him. If Patty Bonds does even have a snowball’s chance in chipping through her brother’s overdone, self-aggrandising ego, then I’m not even going to bother. But I will bother for them.

   Then I started reading down the list…more of the same kind of stuff, with one exception that I should point out. A fellow named David N. Silvey posted this:

Do you really believe that kind of language is charitable? Why can’t people be respectful when talking about Mr. White? No, James is not perfect; he’s made mistakes — just like Catholic apologists. However, the kind of attacks people make on him on these forums are ridiculous. (Please note that I do not claim there is never some truth in the attacks.)
By the way, have you seen White’s blog recently? In three separate posts he has defended what Pope Benedict said about Islam during his speech.
Folks need to calm down when they talk about White — or not talk about him at all.

Thank you Mr. Silvey! Sadly, his counsel was not heeded, as he himself would have to admit. So I get down to what was posted this morning, and discover this also coming from the pen of Miki:

For the record, I tried to post a bit about this last night, but my post was 300 characters too long and then my ‘puter froze up. Suffice it to say that James White is seriously mistaken when he says I’ve never listened to one of his programs. Not the Dividing Line, but this is only a rehashing of all his past slanderous tripe from years gone by. I have not only listened to his tapes, but James himself put them in my hot little hands. I have not only met the guy face to face, but I’ve had him spittle all over my cute, pink dress as he was barring my entrance to Temple Square and telling me in no uncertain terms that “GOD will not be mocked, lady. YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!” Even while I was in a cult, he and his arguments did little to sway me.
And, yes, it was those same tapes, and those of Mark Martin at Phoenix Calvary Chapel and the rantings of Tommy Barnett at Cave Creek Assemblies of God, which were the impetus for me to study the ECF’s and find out what they really said–not what (especially) Martin and White redacted them to say to fit their own agendas. I played them over and over and over again–and I am sincerely amused to learn, in reading James’ site last week, that nothing at all has changed.

   Now immediately, anyone at all familiar with me and our work in Salt Lake City knows that someone has passed the line of simple nastiness to downright dishonesty. This is just slanderous, and it is false. First, we didn’t pass out tapes in Salt Lake City, we passed out tracts and, on a few rare occasions, a book (Letters to a Mormon Elder). Second, we never, ever blocked anyone’s access to the Temple grounds–never. If anyone did something like that, it wasn’t me, or any of our folks. Given Miki’s admission that she has never even seen one of my debates, we could very well be looking at someone who doesn’t even know who I am. But in any case, this story is starting to take on the aura of apocryphal fiction, to be sure. More outrageous silliness followed. One thing is for certain, truth lies fallen in the corridors of the Catholic Answers forums, and few there be who seem to mourn its passing. Here’s the silliness.

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