I recently re-listened to the first White / Staples debate on Sola Scriptura: Is The Bible the Only Infallible Rule of Faith? This debate is from 1996. If you listen to this debate, you’ll hear references to an earlier discussion between Dr. White and Tim on the Bible Answer Man show. I had never heard this before, so I tracked it down: The Roman Catholicism Debate on BAM (White vs Staples – I). This is a lively discussion as well. It’s an inexpensive downloadable mp3.  Since it’s an old recording, for best sound results, lower the bass frequencies and raise the highs. I mention this old discussion because it serves as a reminder that Dr. White was interacting with Roman apologists long before many of us even cared. His argumentation back in 1996 (probably a lot of it compiled without the Internet or “e books” or gizmos) was excellent, both in this discussion, and in his debate with Tim. In the BAM discussion, you’ll hear a basic outline of the White vs. Staples Purgatory debate many years before the debate actually happened. This is the 2010 debate Catholic Answers has no interest making available.

As a preview, here’s a short sample of the discussion. Hank asks if Dr. White and Tim Staples considers the other “lost.”  Here is the clip.


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