I don’t know…maybe you all can figure this kind of rant out:

That’s why white doesn’t post the answers to my questions on his blog. Answer the questions in the threads: Is Jesus Christ God, is the Holy Spirit God etc. He can’t answer those questions because he thinks he is a god. He is a pretex evangelist. Any obedient Catholic in this forum can defeat James White in a debate using the Catechism. James White IS a straw man with no moral courage.

Wow. I’ve written a book titled The Forgotten Trinity which defines and defends the Trinity, including the Deity of Christ and the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit; I’ve defended those truths in debate against Muslims and Oneness Pentecostals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and yet, this fellow says I can’t answer these questions because I think I’m a god? If there is a semi-rational person left on Envoy, someone would have to say, “Excuse me, but are you not feeling well, john6jmj? You are acting rather…odd.” But no, that kind of inane accusation will be allowed to stand. All in service of mother church, you know.

Apolonio Latar then chimed in. Apolonio is a young man. I guess he’s studying philosophy in college. He has entered into the “Put the name of a famous philosopher, and then an obscure one, in at least one out of three sentences” phase of being omniscient (remember being omniscient when you were in college?). There is a reason why “sophomore” means what it means. Anyway, I dared mention the topic of my sermon series last evening on the blog, and he managed a screen full of irrelevancy just speculating on what “practical Christian philosophy” might mean, and how that might mean I’m a postmodernist. Wow, and that before I even preach the sermons! I truly wish I was that brilliant, but instead, I have to wait until after someone actually speaks to form an opinion! I am but mortal, I guess. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the one who took 15 seconds from a cross examination with Gerry Matatics on sola scriptura where Matatics asked if the Apostles practiced sola scriptura and I answered they did not (sola scriptura to the normative condition of the church, not to times of enscripturation, of course), and touts this as my “admission” that sola scriptura is not true, etc. I suppose I could ask a Roman Catholic opponent someday if Peter functioned as the Pope during Christ’s ministry, and when he said, “Well, no, of course not” I could cut him off, make a clip, and tout it as an admission that Peter wasn’t the Pope, but that kind of argumentation is only effective upon those who are not interested in the truth to begin with. I’ll leave that kind of trite stuff for the political realm, where truth is irrelevant, and all that matters is what works.

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