I have added Mark Shea’s Marian series to the Ministry Resource List. I would dearly love to see some of the major Roman Catholic apologists come out of hiding, in essence, and engage in a robust debate on the claims Rome makes about Mary, but the past five years have shown a Roman Catholic apologetics community in disarray and retreat. But with their claims of the need to “turn to Mary” in this time of “distress” growing louder, I believe they should show as much bravery in defending their claims as they do in making them. But, even if they will not defend their claims, we will still obtain their materials and subject them to truthful, fair, and primarily Biblical analysis and refutation.
   Let it be clearly repeated: I stand ready to engage in debate with Mark Shea, Tim Staples, Patrick Madrid, Jimmy Akin, Karl Keating, John Martignoni, Steve Ray, and Scott Hahn on such subjects as the Marian dogmas, purgatory, justification, predestination and election, etc. Given that many of these men are putting out DVDs and CDs on these topics regularly, it would seem to me wisdom personified to demonstrate the supremacy of these teachings against knowledgeable Reformed opposition.

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