My Dearest James: I met your sister not long ago and was intrigued to find out who her brother is. Incidentally, when I was young and stupid and didn’t have a proper religious education, I used to listen to you and read your books and articles–and *then* I read the Early Fathers and Eusebius and discovered the *real* truth…that you don’t (and never have) have a clue what the “truth” is. The Truth, Love, is Catholic(since that *is* the New testament Church)–and the sooner you quit with the arrogant, misological pride and shenanigans, the better off you will be. So,my actual purpose for writing, I just wanted you to know that I just finished reading your site section on Catholicism and, minus the *egregious* errors and misrepresentations which you present as “facts”, I found it to be uproariously entertaining! Not very informative, but *blissfully* funny for all of its ascerbic ranting blowhard-ness and Scriptural cluelessness. The reason your audience is “getting smaller”, James, is because they *are* listening to GOD–and He doesn’t like His lambs being poisoned with lies like yours. If your audience is as small and smaller, as you say it is, it’s because that is *His* Will. Praise GOD for small favours!!! Anyway, thanks so much for the laughs–it’s been very entertaining–this site is as funny to read as a Watchtower magazine! (I’m in tears and my jaw aches! ;O) )…. In His Grace, and praying for your conversion, Miki

   Dearest Miki:
   I am so glad you are no longer young and stupid and now have proper religious education! For, since you are now mature and smart and educated, you should be able to provide the answers that would demonstrate that your e-mail to me is something more than a passing taunt. Surely, if you can use such strong language, you can actually back up your statements, correct?
   Please be aware that over the years I have gotten many e-mails like yours, but, for some odd reason, when I actually seek to engage the folks who write them, all of a sudden they find something else to be doing! It seems many in your camp are very long on allegations, but very short on substance. But, you are educated and older and smart, so I’m sure this will not be the case with you, dearest Miki.
   Could you tell me about the portion of your education that gave you the ability to see into the hearts of others? I missed that part in mine. In fact, mine taught me just the opposite, which is why I tend to focus upon mundane things like facts and try to avoid that mind-reading business. I know, that makes my writing so much less interesting to most these days, who prefer mind-reading over factuality.
   Let me give you an example from the material you said gave you such a wonderful chuckle. It would seem most appropriate to look at this article, wherein I interacted with an article by Karl Keating a number of years ago. You will notice that I did not base my arguments upon trying to mind-read Karl Keating. I cited his own published words, and provided argumentation and documentation that refutes his assertions. Since you have grown up and read the early Church writers, now, you should be able to go through this article and demonstrate its many silly errors, right? Surely! So, could I ask you to do so? You could do so in writing, or, if you would like, you could give me a call on The Dividing Line so that my audience can be “uproariously entertained” as well! Think of the service you’d be doing for folks!
   Now if that article does not make you laugh hysterically enough, maybe this one will, for it sure seemed to tickle Peter Stravinskas when I pointed out its conclusions to him in our debate on purgatory a few years ago. I’m sure someone as smart and educated as you should be able to blow holes through that one!
   So, if you can stop laughing long enough to demonstrate how mature and educated and smart you are, I’d love to hear from you. The number for the program is 877-753-3341. We even have a live program today, if your jaw has recovered enough to talk on the phone. But I sure hope you will not turn out to be another drive-by poster who sends in a mocking e-mail that upon examination hasn’t an ounce of substance to it. That would only encourage me in my belief that you folks really don’t know how to engage in serious apologetic interaction, and you wouldn’t want to be doing that! So I look forward to hearing from you, dearest Miki!

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