Sometimes, you just have to shake your head. Remember Doug C. from Houston, who launched into me on Steve Ray’s board? Here’s the original, here’s my reply to his letter, also posted on Ray’s board. Now, if you haven’t ever ventured into Steve Ray’s web-board, let’s just say it is well known for two things: 1) hotheads, 2) massive volume. I have a vague recollection of actually posting on it briefly, years ago. I could be wrong, but I have a memory of sitting in the Denver airport on my laptop attempting to find time to keep up with a discussion on that board with one of the female regulars regarding, if I recall correctly, Irenaeus’ view of tradition, or something like that. In any case, I just checked to see if anything more had been said regarding the fact that the letter Doug C. posted really had nothing whatsoever to do with his original slanderous and false statements. The first response, from “Donna,” provides this insight:

I have figured out that Mr. White will not debate online because he knows that he cannot win. His “thing” is to get Catholics to debate him and he is on the offensive, Catholics are on the defensive as it is always Catholic topics. Catholics who debate prepare as well as they can but James brings something out of left field that Catholics are unprepared for and “yippee, he wins”. In an online debate he cannot win because the Catholic will have time to do research. Bingo, the quote that comes out of left field is as a rule found to be out of context and when read in context is found to actually favor the One True Church.

Hmm, I guess that explains why Dave Armstrong folded up like a paper bag when, in writing, I engaged his published works? This would also explain all the articles on our website documenting various errors and omissions in Roman Catholic apologetics writings that have gone, in the main, without response? Yes, I’ve always wondered about that. No, Donna, I don’t do debates on web boards because I don’t have time to do so. You don’t write more than twenty books, articles for journals, teach seminary, lecture, debate, speak, preach all over the US and abroad, and hang out on web boards, especially those known for being…less than…objective? Anyway, someone named “nesseca” was kind enough to link to my response (thank you), and this was followed by “Signum Crucis,” a board administrator, who proves my observation about the nature of Ray’s board:

Mr. White’s reluctance to post here is understandable as there is a lot of talent on display here.
I don’t know why Doug should feel compelled to respond to James on James’s turf. The comments were made here, so James should be the one to come here and defend himself. Unless and until he does, I don’t see the point in Doug continuing any dialogue with James, as it is obvious that James feels safer at home.
So, since the Master Debater won’t do the honorable thing and come here and face his detractors, I’m locking this thread and consider the whole thing dead in the water.

Let’s remember something here: Doug C. posted lies about me publicly that he knows he cannot defend, and when I invite him to answer for his allegations before my entire webcast audience, I am then accused of not doing the “honorable thing” and wasting my time on this web board? Amazing! “We are Rome! Our accusations are true by nature, and you are wrong by definition! You are refuted!” Amazing talent on display indeed. But though he said he was locking the thread, another administrator, legatus, commented,

My oh my, I do believe the good doctor has a case of the vapors.
Somehow I get the image of lots of fan waving and fluttering eyelashes.

Yes, a lot of talent on display there. I truly feel apologetically refuted. [shaking of head]

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