The redoubtable Kevin Johnson, in response to the Machen citation below, has now accused me of misquoting both Calvin and Machen. Perhaps Mr. Johnson should look up the meaning of “misquoting” in an English lexicon, just as looking up pseudadelphoi in a Greek lexicon would have assisted him as well? He cannot show where the citation is inaccurate or in error: so, he confuses disagreeing with him on its meaning with a misquotation. The fact is Machen interprets Galatians 2 the same way I do. He said, “thus a false brother is a man who claims to be a Christian or is thought to be a Christian and yet is not.” Those are his words, not mine. Now, the really sad thing (and this should concern everyone who seeks to proclaim the gospel of grace to those who have been given a false hope within Roman Catholicism), Mr. Johnson then says:


Dr. White has also failed to deal with the fact that even if we agree for the sake of argument that false brothers are indeed not Christians (and never were), that still doesn’t prove that Roman Catholics should be considered as such. His argument remains unproven and will until he seriously deals with these and other objections.


There was a time when Kevin knew why Rome’s gospel was false. But evidently monocovenantalism and a dash of NPism has removed that knowledge, or at least, that conviction, and now Trinitarian baptism is sufficient to overthrow Rome’s denial of the sufficiency of the once-for-all sacrifice of Christ upon the cross. Baptism trumps sacerdotal forgiveness by priests. Baptism covers over the blasphemous sacrilege of the Mass, when the priest, the alter Christus, commands Christ to come down, and Christ bows in obedience! Trinitarian baptism covers over purgatory, satispassio, prayers to saints and Mary…all of this is now rendered secondary by the all-powerful act of Trinitarian baptism! The Judaizers in Galatia never dreamed of the perversions of the gospel of grace promulgated by Rome. Mr. Johnson had better take care. One more step backward and he will find himself neck deep in the Tiber River. Throwing exegesis to the wind has a way of leading folks that direction.

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