I fully expected Steve Ray to avoid any meaningful response to a critique of his many errors and falsehoods, and he has not disappointed. Nor am I surprised that instead of standing up and actually defending his reprehensible behavior and his simple dishonesty, he has chosen to let someone else, a layman without the first semblence of meaningful training in any relevant field, let alone even a basic grasp of the issues, to offer a “defense,” William Albrecht (whose numerous errors and generally incoherent presentations have been repeatedly exposed here and in other places). Ray doesn’t even have the integrity to lie well in his response. Compare what I actually said about him (and the repeated documentation of his theological and historical blunders) with his response:

Anti-Catholic James White has demonstrated a frantic obsession with me over the last few years based on what people have told me about his blog and radio shows. People tell me he claims I am irrelevant and unimportant yet to the contrary I am told he is quite infatuated and spends an inordinate amount of time trying to refute and challenge me. I don’t pay much attention. I consider him a whiny, egotistical bore and a huge waste of time. I basically ignore him and his infatuation with me. Every time I have tangled with him in the past I felt like I needed a shower with a good bar of antibacterial soap.

   Well there you go! I truly feel refuted! But let’s face it, that’s all Ray has. Bluster, insult, dishonesty. And remember, he’s a regular on the Catholic apologetics circuit. Truly speaks volumes, does it not?

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