This just appeared on the Envoy forums:

Hi Gang,
I am getting a bit tired of James’ hysterics. If he wants to keep going postal about our debate, well let him. I have another debate in November that I must prepare for. When my kids were young and we put them to sleep they would cry in protest. We found the best way to handle it was just to let them cry. Goodnight James!

If I may offer a brief translation: “I’m digging myself so deep here I can’t see the sky anymore, so I’m going to head for the hills.” There is no defense of the indefensible, and since I have documented any number of simple untruths on the part of both Sippo and Rutland, this is a wise move on his part, to be sure. I do find it humorous, however, that Rutland would actually think a debate in November is relevant to his failing to acknowledge his own false statements. I’m debating John Dominic Crossan solo, and then he and Marcus Borg (joined by my partner Jim Renihan), in less than three months, but that hasn’t kept me from thinking telling the truth is important and worth investing a few moments. And so, with another simply false assertion (when did documentation of facts amount to hysterics–Bill has been taking lessons from CNN it seems) Bill heads out to prepare for his next debate in November. I hope whoever he debates video tapes every moment of it, from start to the time they walk out the door, and keeps every single e-mail, too. Seems to be a wise stance to take.

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