A visitor to our chat channel (timb) pointed out to me that John Martignoni, Roman Catholic apologist, is posting a “book” on his website. In the third chapter, found here, Martignoni demonstrates that no matter how many times to demonstrate a lie is a lie, as long as it promotes mother Rome, well, it’s worth repeating! Note his claims:

Another part of the historical perspective is this: When Martin Luther broke from the Catholic Church, and started teaching the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, it was around the year 1520. By the year 1600, it is said there were more than two hundred Protestant denominations. By the year 1900, it is estimated the number of denominations was almost a thousand. And, now, in the year 2009, there are estimated to be more than thirty thousand or more Protestant denominations! Each denomination claims to be based on the Bible alone, and most claim to be guided by the Holy Spirit; yet, none of them have the exact same body of doctrine, and many, many of them have doctrines that absolutely contradict one another.

How can that be? Can the Holy Spirit – which is supposed to lead us unto all truth – can this same Holy Spirit lead different people into different doctrines – doctrines that contradict each other? No. In other words, the historical perspective shows that the doctrine of Sola Scriptura tends towards division within the Body of Christ. The lesson of history teaches us that the doctrine of Sola Scriptura has done nothing but divide the Body of Christ.

Yeah, there it is again. The 30,000+ Protestant denominations myth. We have debunked this myth in the past, fully. The claim is indefensible. So when someone repeats it, they are demonstrating that 1) they are probably simply quoting someone else, never having looked at the data themselves, or 2) they do not care enough about the truth to honestly represent the facts. I commented on this recently again here. It is truly amazing to see how errors get repeated over and over and over again. Then again, these folks follow a religious leader whose exalted position developed over time through the use of politics and fraudulent documents, and even though that is well known today, the Papacy remains, hanging in mid-air, its historical foundation washed away. Therefore, we shouldn’t be overly surprised that once apologists get hold of a particular argument, they will keep using it, no matter how bogus it is factually and historically.

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