Looking forward to doing “Kilted Apologetics” tonight here in Larbert (the Falkirk area between Glasgow and Edinburgh). Just finished a brand new digital presentation on the difference between the Uthmanic Revision and the transmission of the text of the New Testament that I’m looking forward to presenting tonight. Don’t worry, pictures tomorrow!
   In any case, I began surfing around a bit, looking over my RSS feeds, and ran across this from someone who attended the Pacwa/Svendsen debate a few days ago:

The debate was fantastic and both men served their sides well. I was trying desperately to really pay attention to the Catholic priest and hear his side. The sheer giddiness of the predominately Catholic audience was at times distracting. And the rudeness of the Catholics (around me at least) towards the protestant was also distracting. They would roll their eyes and guffaw while he was speaking.

   Eric mentioned the same thing about the crowd, and some of you will recall that I noted that during the priesthood debate the Catholics in the front row were quite a distraction. Some of my long-time readers will remember the comments made by my wife and children regarding the behavior of the Catholics in the audience when I debated Tim Staples on the Papacy a number of years ago (see here with the links contained therein). Add to this the ease with which we can now just send folks over to Art Sippo’s blog (before folks had to wade through Patrick Madrid’s very poorly laid-out website to find the Envoy “www.aomin.org makes us cry” forums) for up-to-date examples of how Roman Catholic apologists excel in the use of ad-hominem, mockery, straw-men, and general bullying, and the sober-minded, clear-thinking person is forced to conclude that the slide in the apologetics community on the far side of the Tiber continues apace. The recent converts are not directing us to this kind of spectrum of thinking, but are generally moving toward a more “ecumenical” form of Roman Catholicism.

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