I noted in the previous article that since I dared to ask some fair, obvious questions of a blog post titled, “James White annoys me to no end,” I had people coming down on me for “picking” on a young college student. How dare I ask them to think straight and defend their accusations against me! That blog article became the grounds for the unhinged to start posting their shots at me (like Dave Armstrong).
   So, this afternoon the young blogger replied. And, instantly, she’s a hero! Check out the comments for yourself. Now, consider the choice I now face: if I respond (which I intended to do, simply because the reply provides a basis for discussing the common misconceptions of this young person, errors shared by many others), I will be attacked for so doing. “Look how mean he is!” If I do not, “See, he ran away, refuted again!” Such is the kind of thinking seen daily on the Roman Catholic blogs and web boards of our culture.

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