Mark Shea speaks from his heart.
   Also, from an earlier post:

It point (as it always has) to the central flaw at the core of Calvinism: its deep and fundamental inhumanity….Logical completeness and spiritual contraction fits the madness that is Calvinism perfectly….Normal people do not pit God against his good creatures this way. But Calvinism (which Trent analyzed as a resurgent form of Manichaeaism) routinely does, at least in it anti-Catholic polemics. Of course, five centuries has done something to wear the edge of Calvinism more demented hatred of creatures….Instead, the Calvinist zealot now confines his denunciation of enjoyment, supplication, and love of creatures strictly and solely to those creatures who happen to be dead….I doubt this correspondent can be persuaded to disengage from the project of downloading pre-recorded Calvinist boilerplate to consider such an obvious bit of common sense. But I hope others, not caught in the grip of Calvinist insanity, might.

   It is truly hard to fathom not only the mindset that can twist reality so far out of shape, but the deep-seated emotional hatred of biblical truths that would produce such rhetoric.

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