I have done five debates with Mitch Pacwa over the years (starting in January, 1991–those two debates were video recorded, and I’d love to show you clips, but the Roman Catholic side–not Mitch Pacwa personally–have the tapes and have never made them available). Each one has been very useful, respectful, and focused, unlike…the Sungenis debate on the Mass. Here is a portion of the cross-examination portion of the debate. Note that Pacwa refers to himself as an “alter Christus,” “another Christ,” and says he is “married” to the Church. Also notice the amazing statement that the biblical evidence for the priesthood is equal in clarity to that for the Trinity itself. This truly took me by surprise, especially given the character of the biblical evidence that was offered. You will note the little vocal Catholic ladies in the front row decided to get involved in the debate at that point. They were vocally participating all along. I will post more from this debate soon.

This debate is also available on Sermon Audio. Some of the future debate clips represented by the tapes and DVDs on my desk at the moment include the debates on Inclusivism, the Apocrypha, and the Madrid debate on the veneration of saints and angels.

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