Looking at the comments on the previous mentioned blog article at jimmyakin.org reminded me that Shane, a Roman Catholic who accused me of using cheap debating tricks and the like, and who had (unlike most of his compatriots) the temerity to call the Dividing Line, has never called back to provide the documentation he said he would. A number of folks have asked where Shane went, and I honestly don’t know. But, he seems to have time to post on Akin’s blog, so, I’m wondering when we will hear from him. His next opportunity to provide that documentation is tomorrow at 11am MST, 877-753-3341.
   Oh, by the way, I will be noting a few developments in the “Can Jon Modene say ‘the sky is blue’ without choking on those words?” saga on the DL tomorrow. He is very proud of the introduction to his newest “sermon” on sermonaudio.com (which, I point out, accepts credit cards), which includes this line, “In it I fully expose the folly of Calvinists, who limit the Atonement, make salvation unobtainable, and then blast God the Father as a mean monster who elects unborn men and women into eternal damnation.” What color is the sky in Jon’s world?

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