Greetings from Ontario, California. I will be speaking here tomorrow and then getting back to Phoenix Monday and staying there for all of November, DV. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever catch up, but a month away from airports will be a true blessing.
I do not regularly look at Robert Sungenis’ website, but I saw a reference to it in Karl Keating’s e-letter, and just found this article posted there. If the cited e-mail is authentic (it surely looks like it is), Matatics has taken the logic of Rome’s position to its ultimate conclusion: and in so doing, proved that his conversion was an error. If following Rome’s claims to their logical conclusion results in your rejection of the current Roman Church, then the arguments Gerry used for years to substantiate his conversion are proven wrong, are they not? It would surely seem so. In any case, there would be much benefit in pointing out the inherent self-contradiction in the response offered as well, given the odd positions Sungenis espouses, but time does not allow for such luxuries while traveling. It will be interesting to read Matatics’ “manifesto” if he ever gets around to posting it. But do not hold your breath! Gerry claimed his book for Tan Book Publishers was coming out in the early 1990s, and it is still nowhere to be seen.
Back to the Da Vinci Code on Monday, Lord willing…and finishing up the Shabir Ally debate on Tuesday on the DL. Oh, and btw…one other note. To the followers of Nadir Ahmed who are sending inane e-mails about how I am “afraid” of Nadir
Ahmed—please, stop wasting your time. Internet bullies bore me. When you come up with something meaningful to say, let me know. Start by explaining the error I pointed out in his comments in his debate with Sam Shamoun. Start with something other than acting like playground thugs. You really shame your cause with such behavior.

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