In the realm of the theological blogosphere today the conjunction of the great luminaries of reformed Catholicism collided in what observers called a “near black hole incident” wherein TGE and Alexander the Coppersmith piled laud and congratulations upon l0g0s for his stunning ability to take a comment about my consistency in holding to one particular view, ignore that context, and compare it with the argumentation of homosexuals! However, something went wrong, and the resultant explosion was…less than pleasant to observe.

Seriously, I had just hoped, for l0g0s’s sake, that his reply would just scroll off into the sunset, but the addition of commentary by the already noted participants precluded that kind ending to the exchange. The irony is that both TGE and AtC posted comments that, if they are at all consistent, will force them to likewise ravage Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s comments, which I link below. I find it utterly providential that Dr. Bahnsen mentioned the Mormons in his response (I had not heard this clip till last night, since the link had been sent to me while I was traveling, and I could not obtain the archive file over dialup). I do wonder what ruminations will now appear as a result, or will the rC’s ignore the citation?

Update: The explosions have continued unabated; I’ve been beaten like a red-headed step child by the Terminator of the theological battlefield (which would be really bad, had such a battle ever taken place—seems some folks are so excited they are starting to hallucinate), Alpha and Omega Ministries is doomed (evidently for doing the same things we’ve done since 1983), and a few folks have posted simply classic comments that prove that 1) there are still wordsmiths amongst us, and 2) there are folks who see through the smoke and mirrors to the reality. However, most telling are the “replies” to the Bahnsen quote. Telling, very telling.

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