In case some of my readers were wondering what kind of response my reply to Jerry-Jet received, I must sadly report that the level of response was…not encouraging. Just a few representative samples:

   Notice folks–all you have to do is quote from the Bible and Jesus’ own words and it strikes Satan so hard that he tries to trot out all the big time LIARS with MORE lies and even tries to dress them up as being THEOLOGIANS or EXEGETES or use big words and say that the plain words of Jesus and the Bible mean things OPPOOSITE of what they say.
   Jesus said to EAT his Body and DRINK His Blood or you do not have life in you.
   Jesus doesn’t LIE.
   The people who do not obey his command and CHOOSE to not EAT His Body and DRINK his Bood are the real liars.
   I’ll tell you this: if you want to eat crackers and drink grape juice with them you can do it in Hell–the Eucharist is never served there!
   Tell me Oh protestant agents of Satan–why does your beloved King James Version of the Bible say in 2 john 7 that Jesus IS COME in the flesh and refer to the Eucharist and NOT change the words and LIE by changing the tense to AS COMING in the flesh to refer to Jesus’ incarnation?
   King James agreed with the Douay Rheims–what’s the matter–is King James not a BIG enough liar for today’s Protestant? I guess not–the NIV crowd changes TRADITION in the Bible where it is referred to as something we should hold fast to to TEACHING. Tradition is only used in that version of Protestant LIES in conjunction to the traditions of the pharisees where it is used in a negative light.
   The Greek word for both is the same–but what do the Protestant LIARS care? They’re bound and deternmined to LIE even more than King James.
   They LIE about Mary–she isn’t highly favored she is even more than FULL of grace–it’s just that that’s about as close as you can get to the Greek in English.
   The Protestants who do not know these things are indeed our separated brothers–the people who do know better are agents of Satan and are no better than all the heretics for the last 2,000 years that just fail to OBEY the authority of God!
   Message to all the Protestant LIARS forums out there: be prepared to deal with the Fullness of Truth that resides in the Catholic Church! Many of your Protestant posters will ask you questions in angst once they hear the truth–LIE all you want to–the REAL Bible doesn’t LIE but the people who CLAIM to believe in Sola Scriptura are selectivists, rewriters of the bible and most definitely LIARS!
   Jesus never debated the Devil–why should Art debate White?
   There is no debate with liars. White will not listen to the Church–why would he listen to anybody else? He should be treated as a publican and a sinner!

Ironically, I do not see anyone, even Roman Catholics, replying to Jerry-Jet, and surely no one scolding him for his behavior. Maybe he’s a “known entity” there? Maybe they just sort of ignore him? Hard to say. But in any case, that’s about as deep as the response got. I guess we should not be overly surprised. As others in that thread have noted, while they are sure I am wrong, and probably a mean, nasty fellow–neither have they taken the time to actually read any of my works completely, or listen to the debates we have done with leading Roman Catholic representatives. The bias would be embarrassing in any other context, but given the closed nature of the system, the folks there just don’t seem to see it.
   By the way, in reference to Sippo’s melt-down last year, here is the documentation. And for those who only read the blog but who haven’t sort of dug into what else we have on the website, you might find this listing useful if you are looking into Roman Catholicism. I looked over my report on my debate with Tim Staples in 2000 on Papal Infallibility and actually enjoyed remembering various of the details. Lots of stuff like that is available for your enjoyment and edification.

Quick Update:
   Even before posting this, Jerry-Jet has provided more “response.” Just a sampling:

   All Sola Scriptura is is LIES on to of LIES!
   I haven’t yet gone into an ENCYCLOPEDIC discussion LINE by LINE and WORD by Word about how such people are liars and how the truth is not in them!
   I will say this: I find it curious that someone like myself is assuredly isn’t a great theologian can just speak a few words about the FULLNESS of Catholic truth and receive the response that has been received here.
   Since I’ve been here we’ve had the BIGAMIST Lutherans who believe in NAZI biographers–we’ve had GEOCENTRISTS who deny the whole world’s common sense–we’ve had the Creationists clothed as Catholics when they’re REALLY Protestants–and now we get part of James White’s cadre of Satanists.

   Yes, well, doesn’t look like Jerry-Jet is quite yet to the point of being able to consider other viewpoints fairly. Well, we hope and pray!

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