Ryan L has posted on another thread in the CA forums regarding my invitation to him to call in and back up his allegations against me:

Yeah…I read it. It kinda’ feels like being called out by Jack Chick. If I’m not with my wife in the delivery room (which is a distinct possibility), I may indeed give him a call. I’ll probably listen (at least for a bit), but if he’s too freaky-zealous I’m not going to “poke a rabid dog with a stick”. That’s just plain silly, and I’m not going to present an occasion of sin for either of us. If he doesn’t act like a humble servant of God, I see no reason why I should encite him into acting even more haughty or beligerant. If his debates are any indication of how he conducts himself on the radio, my expectations are pretty low. If he has learned how to respect people, however, and treats others with Christian charity and humility, I see no reason why I shouldn’t call in.

1) If there is the slightest possible chance your wife might go into labor, don’t be stupid: stay away from the phone. Believe me, wives have very long memories. I can see it now. “Well, Ryan missed the birth of Alissa because he was on the phone arguing theology.” Nope, you don’t want that, and besides, if that happened, two years from now we’d have blog entries titled, “James White Kidnapped An Innocent and Holy Roman Catholic Husband So That He Would Miss Child’s Birth.” And it would be believed.
2) Your words indicate that you have not read any of my books, correct?
3) Your words indicate that you have never listened to the Dividing Line before, correct?
4) Have you ever heard of Art Sippo?
5) Why do you get to liken me to a rabid dog and then turn around and demand I be a “humble servant of God”? Are you a humble servant of God?
6) Your words indicate you have already come to conclusions about me, yet, they also indicate you have done so solely upon second-hand, biased, inaccurate information. Would you have a problem with me if I came to similar conclusions about you based upon the same kind of second-hand information, or would you demand better of me?

If baby allows, I’ll be looking forward to your call. And if we do not hear from you, may your child be blessed with health and your wife with a safe and easy delivery.

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