Jimmy Akin has joined the “stone James White” movement here. Of course, as is normal with Akin, you will not find a scintilla of interaction with what I have actually said, let alone how one can be “misinformed” by the very words you read on a page as to the content of what is in the book you are reading! Once again, “All is fair in the service of Mother Church.” By the way, I listened to the BAM program Catholic Answers so often promotes, and I am very, very happy they do so. I will be playing segments on the DL in the near future, but especially the section about “baptism” that Catholic Answers so often mentions. Staples mentioned it on CA Live last week, and I played his comments on the DL. “It’s no wonder James White could not respond to him” was his comment, or words to that effect. So I was fascinated to get to that point while riding this morning. They are right. I couldn’t respond. But…that was because we went to a commercial break as soon as Akin finished making his claim, and when we came back out, Hank took the conversation another direction! I was never even given the opportunity to respond (another reason why calling this a “debate” is such a sham). And yet, this has been repeated, over and over, as evidence of how well things went! I was amazed. But more when we get to it on the DL.

   Rich was looking through the flood of “Go git ‘im Jimmy” comments on Akin’s blog (I saw a single person who had the ability to avoid the epidemic of Romanist Rabies long enough to go, “Uh, wait…Beckwith didn’t say he had read Trent before, and, uh, you know, if you read this, it sorta sounds like….”) and he ran across good ol’ Guardian. You remember him. He’s the fellow who talked about all my errors in my debates and, when I challenged him to call the DL, he did. When I asked for the list of my errors, he said he would provide it…in three months. So, evidently, he’s hard at work. Anyway, Rich noticed something at the end of a comment he left on Jimmy Akin’s blog. He’s still referring to me as “ol Jimbo White.” Here’s the comment:

As ridiculous and however psychologically messed up Ole’ Jimbo White is, there is always hope for him to come to the truth. Keep him in your prayers.


Posted by: Guardian | Aug 8, 2007 11:57:36 AM

   Go ahead. Click the link to www.jamesrwhite.org. Isn’t that special? Someone is actually spending money to register my name as a domain name and send it over to…Catholic Answers. I’m honored! That someone would be so desperate as to spend their time and their money in this fashion is glowing testimony that despite all the venomous hatred spewed my direction by the hoi polloi in the CA Forums, Envoy Forums, Jimmy Akin’s blog, etc., they well know that it is not the Jack Chicks of the world, the Dave Hunts of the world, that challenge them. No, they know that all their proclamations of victorious defense of Mother Church are only convincing as long as they stay far, far away from www.aomin.org and the documented, reasoned, compelling argumentation against Rome’s claims to be found there. That’s why Envoy filters the aomin.org URL out of all submissions. That’s why someone is paying money to direct folks to catholic.com using my name. They know the “answers” they repeat endlessly amongst themselves are shallow and unconvincing, and they know those “answers” do not survive the light of day, the light of examination, the rigor of debate. If they truly believed otherwise, we would have a line of callers waiting at every DL, chomping at the bit to demonstrate the overwhelming power of Rome’s proclamation. But we don’t. And deep down in their hearts, the Guardians of the world know they are doing nothing more than suppressing the truth, and it makes them desperate. Desperate enough to register my name as a domain name and redirect it over to Catholic Answers. The irony is, they are redirecting it over to an organization whose primary apologists are the very ones who have turned down repeated challenges to engage in moderated, public debate!

—in the defense and confirmation of the gospel

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