In between launching ad-hominems and generally avoiding ever touching the text of Scripture, Art Sippo, medical doctor and sometimes Roman Catholic apologist has been holding forth on the errors of Calvinism. He didn’t get very far, and it looks like he sort of ran out of steam, but at least in his conclusion we have another glorious example of what sola ecclesia looks like:

   What is ultimately wrong with Calvinism is that it is not Catholicism. It was not founded by God as the Catholic Church was, but rather by mere men in rebellion against the Successors of the Apostles.
   Who needs Calvinism? It has no authority to teach. It has no power to save. And all it does is puff men up in their pride and autonomy and encourage them to sit in judgment on the God and His Church.
   We Catholics have everything we need and more. Our religion is embarrassingly rich and diverse and under God’s direct superintendence. No one needs anything more than that.

   This is also why folks like Art Sippo are not much of a threat, since they do not realize that this kind of argumentation, for the one who honors and believes the Word of God found in Scripture, falls far short of reaching the status of “compelling.” We have already seen what happens when Art tries his hand at exegesis.

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