I know, I know, it is Wednesday and those of you in the Eastern time zone might be at church. Well, nothing we can do about that. I travel to the Socialist Republic of California tomorrow, and the Twitter replies I saw today during my running commentary on the papal election convinced me that today’s “evangelicals” are woefully, woefully ignorant of the realities of the papacy and the history of the church. As I have said many times, most non-Roman Catholics today are so not out of conviction but out of convenience. So we are going to address the issue head on: does Rome have the gospel? How must the Papacy be viewed? Is the Reformation over? Was it all just a big mistake? Am I just a trouble maker, a divider of the brethren? I invite those who were making just that point today to call in as well. Straight forward talk about a vital topic—which you won’t be hearing almost anywhere else, to be sure. Join us!

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