I noted this morning that Patty Bonds was encouraging folks to pray to St. James for my conversion (actually, I’m such a rough number the current list is James, Jude, Paul and even Jerome!). Aside from the obvious fact that James, like all the redeemed (and that number is co-extensive with the term “saint”) are absorbed in worship of their Lord, and are not burdened with the sinful prayers of those of us on earth (all the twisting of NT texts aside), I have always wondered just what these saints are supposed to do. Do they “send grace” to folks on earth by some magical means? I mean, since it seems the exegesis of James 2 I provided in The God Who Justifies accurately represents James’ views, would James then contradict himself from heaven? Or if someone prays to Paul for my conversion, would Paul send down some kind of grace that would contradict all the taught in Romans and Galatians? Yes, I know…what the Scriptures say doesn’t really matter, and it is all a matter of what “the Church” teaches (as interpreted in the myriad of ways exhibited by Roman Catholics around the world), but it is still striking to ponder how far from the mindset of the inspired writers modern Roman Catholicism truly is.

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