So Steve Ray writes to me and asks me to correct my blog since he didn’t “send any troops.” Well, we don’t want anyone confused! Of course, I didn’t say he did, I said the folks who were sending us e-mails came from his board, but he disavows any control over the folks who post there, so, therefore, he didn’t send any troops. Glad we are all clear on that.

Meanwhile, tomorrow morning, 11am PDT is another chance for ol’ Doug C. or CatholicDude or GAssisi or any of the other “My I am brave behind a keyboard but please, please, please don’t ask me to actually defend my slanderous writings since I can’t really do that and I know it” folks to back up their claims in the only venue that matters: one where the truth can be told. The number is 877-753-3341. I’ll be here, waiting. 🙂

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