As Tur8inFan noted a clear example of Ray’s double standards earlier today, I just ran across another example here. Ray notes that Tony Blair, who converted to Rome in 2007, has criticized Rome’s teachings on homosexuality. He opines, “We want more Protest-ants to convert and join us, but not if they bring their ‘protest’ with them. Leave it behind or go back where it is welcome!”
   But wait! Isn’t this the same Steve Ray who has assured us that the source of disagreement and dispute is sola scriptura? This is the same Steve Ray who, even after full documentation of the dishonesty of the “33,000 denominations produced by sola scriptura” fraud, continued to defend it? So, how can Tony Blair, a Roman Catholic, not be in perfect harmony with Rome’s teachings? Is it possible that despite the clarity of Rome’s position on the topic, he still chooses to disagree? But wait, that would render Rome’s entire magisterium invalid on Ray’s own principles, for he has said it is sola scriptura that is to blame for all those differences amongst Protestants! Of course, that won’t work, and what you will get will be the “We have one standard in support of Mother Church, and another for…the rest of you” defense. Ah, the glory of Rome!

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