I was forwarded a commentary from T.A. McMahon (Dave Hunt’s co-laborer) in which he wrote, 

Mary has played a key role in the conversion to Catholicism of some of that Church’s leading apologists such as former Reformed theologian Tim Staples and Scott Hahn, a graduate of the evangelical Gordon-Conwell Seminary and former Presbyterian minister. 

Just a correction for brother McMahon: Tim Staples was an Assemblies of God youth minister, not a “Reformed theologian.” In fact, Mr. Staples’ knowledge of Reformed theology is pretty much nil. Staples said, in his tape series “Infallibility vs. Impeccability” from St. Joseph Communications, Tape 1, second side, “You do have some Protestants who tend toward that sort of schizophrenic understanding of the human person. You know, it’s not me that sins, its my body. If you have ever heard of the hyper-Calvinist movement, or the once-saved, always saved people that will say, ‘Oh, I’m saved, my body, over there, just messes up, but I’m fine.’You know, that’s NOT biblical folks, there’s no biblical thing for that, it’s a misinterpretation of Romans chapter 7, but that’s another story….” So perhaps McMahon meant “Reformed theologian” to refer to Hahn alone? It is hard to say.

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