Tyler McNabb, a former Protestant who has decided to do the “cool thing” and apostatize, has shown he is to be taken as anything but serious by including in his “why I converted to Romanism” announcement the following statement:

The principle of sola scriptura is not only self-defeating but the consequence of this doctrine is the creation of over 36,000 denominations.

[Note: Mr. McNabb, after posting this, edited it, without notation, removing the specific number, and instead replacing it with this:

The principle of sola scriptura is not only self-defeating but the consequence of this doctrine has had a large impact in the creation of over thousands and thousands of denominations.

Note the change from directly asserting sola scriptura created over 36,000 denominations with “has had a large impact” in the creation of “thousands and thousands of denominations.” Obviously, Tyler knows he cannot defend the 36,000 number. He knows it’s a lie. But—where’s the retraction and acknowledgement of the truth?]
I had to roll my eyes when I read this. It is so fallacious, so fully refuted, and has been for so long, that whenever you find anyone—Tim Staples, John Martignoni, Patrick Madrid, Steve Ray, and the wide-eyed Tiber Swimmers like Mr. McNabb—repeating it, you are listening to someone who simply should not be taken seriously. They are either dishonest (like Ray), or so shallow and cavalier on the matter of truth that they are willing to repeat anything in the service of Mother Rome. To find something like this in someone’s conversion story (note, again, not a conversion story to Christ, but to Romanism, which itself says a great deal) reveals a lot about the level of study they have done and hence gives you a good basis upon which to judge the “weight” to be assigned as well. I may take the time to examine this statement on the DL on Tuesday, we will see. But, once again, to make sure everyone knows that the 33,000/36,000/whatever number the Romanist comes up with/ is a simple lie without defense, see here and here for full documentation.

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