James Swan informed me that an old thread on the CA Forums got some life today. Someone asked about the video below, which is just the brief closing statement from the Papacy debate in 1998. Phil Porvaznik immediately jumped in with his pre-fab list of refutations—the same ones he would never dare use in public against me, because he knows better. But, he knows he’s in “safe waters” and can play the “big fish” role there. Once again, the idea is not “what is the truth of the matter” but “what can I say to keep someone from leaving Rome?” Very different apologetic standards on opposite shores of the Tiber, to be sure.
   In any case, this morning a loving, insightful Roman Catholic by the name of Terry O’Brien (terryobrien80 is the screen name) chimed in with, “All you need to do is get the “Bible Answer Man Debate” tape set with James White vs. James Akin to see what a moron White is.” Yes, the same BAM discussion we examined a few months ago on the DL. Anyone want to place a wager on whether ol’ Terry has ever even listened to that entire program? Probably not. O’Brien was challenged on his attitude, and his response was right along the lines of Art Sippo, “The truth shall set you free. And the truth is that White doesn’t know his **** from his elbow I never claimed to be nice. I just keep it real.” Ah, all is still sweetness and light in the realm of the CA Forms. I wonder when I’ll get my next dozen fund-raising e-mails from Catholic Answers begging me to help them keep their wonderful forums open? It’s been a month since the last spate, so, I’m sure they will hit soon.

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