Was Held on Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Location: The CORAL HOUSE CATERING HALL, Baldwin, N.Y.

(just north of Merrick Road at the Corner of Milburn Ave.)

Here are some pictures from the debate

Chris Arnzen introducing the debate

Chris Arnzen – Debate Coordinator (and part-time stand-up comic)

Both Debaters and the Moderator Discussing the Debate format.

Both Debaters and the Moderator Discussing the Debate format.

Mitchell Pacwa and James White

Mitchell Pacwa and James White

Mitchell Pacwa pic 1Mitchell Pacwa pic 2Mitchell Pacwa pic 3Roman Catholic Apologist:
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

Many Roman Catholics and Protestants alike will recognize this Jesuit Priest and Scholar from his televised debates on “THE JOHN ANKERBERG SHOW” with author of KINGDOM OF THE CULTS and founder of THE CHRlSTIAN RESEARCH lNSTITUTE, the late Dr. Walter Martin. Fr. Pacwa has served on the faculties of Tennessee State University, Loyola University and the August University of Dallas, having taught such courses as Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, Hebrew I, II, III, IV and Masters Level Courses in The Psalms, The Writings of Saint Paul and The Johannine Writings. Fr. Pacwa also has abilites in 12 languages, including the Ancient Languages of Latin, Koine Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Ugaritic. He currently serves as Contributing Editor of “THIS ROCK” Magazine and the “TOUCHSTONE” Journal, in addition to hosting hi5 own regularly-aired television program on the Eternal Word Television Network.  He is a!so seen often on “MOTHER ANGELICA LIVE.” 

James White pic 1James White pic 2 Protestant Apologist:
James White

As the leading Protestant representative engaging Roman Catholic Apologists in debates across the country, James White knows the issues well. James is an Adjunct Professor teaching New Testament Greek for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and is Director of ALPHA & OMEGA Ministries, a theologically Reformed, Christian Apologetics organization in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of over a dozen books, including ANSWERS TO CATHOLIC CLAIMS, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CONTROVERSY and his latest, MARY: ANOTHER REDEEMER? A b00k on THE PAPACY is expected soon.  He currently serves as Critical Consultant for the New American Standard Bible’s Updated Version, and is a frequent radio guest on “THE BIBLE ANSWER MAN.” He and his family belong to Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church.

Each of the past three years the debate has begun with an introduction, of sorts, by Chris Arnzen, who moonlights by day as a salesman, but who really does his best work as a Christian comedian.  Here both debaters crack up at Chris’ opening monologue.  Rumor has it that someone associated with the Tonight Show was in the audience, and Chris is slated for an appearance in the near future. 

Chris Arnzen giving announcementsChris Arnzen telling a joke

Seriously, these debates, which have helped so many, would NEVER happen if it were not for the diligent effort and long hours of labor provided by Chris Arnzen.  Our deepest thanks to this brother in the Lord for his commitment to Christ, and his faithful labors in the Lord.

For more pictures of the Long Island trip, click here.

Tapes of the debate will be available soon, both in audio and video formats.  Keep an eye on our main web page for the announcement of their availability.

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