I hope James Swan doesn’t mind, but I wanted to snag his excellent title, “The Quotable Sippo,” for another example of the kind of rhetoric Art Sippo cranks out with gut-wrenching regularity. Ironically, Sippo was defending his very broad use of the term “lie.” Anyone who disagrees with Sippo is a liar, plain and simple. Protestants, in particular, are liars, as we will see, even if they are holding a sincerely held (and perfectly defensible) viewpoint. It’s still a lie, and they are liars. Now what is almost humorous is that I have heard this kind of argument before. It came from the lips of…Michael Moore. Yes, the likewise gut-wrenching socialist leftist film-maker was on a program defending his use of the term “lie” and “liar” in the exact same way Sippo does, refusing to recognize the necessary difference between “I disagree with your position” and “you are lying.” Ironic, isn’t it? Anyway, here’s Art Sippo, doing what Art Sippo does best:

We have been treated to many lies from Protestants. They LIE when they say that the Catholic Canon of Scripture was not defined until Trent. They LIE when they say that justification is by faith alone. They LIE when they say that the Bible is the sole rule of faith. They LIE when they say that the Bible does not support Catholic doctrine. They LIE when they claim that Catholics have invented new doctrines that contradict the Bible. They LIE when they claim you can have a true Church without Apostolic Succession.

And it goes on and on. The whole Protestant enterprise is one giant LIE.

Why do I say that? Because the truth of the Catholic faith has been well established for 2000 years and innovative heresies which ignore Christian history are purely fallible man-made fiascoes. If you read the epistles of St. Ignatius of Antioch (107 AD) you would see that NO Protestant religion conforms to the standards of the Early Church in either structure, discipline or doctrine.

Where did all the Protestant forms of religion come from? HERETICS AND SCHISMATICS MADE THEM UP OUT OF THIN AIR!

When Protestants pretend that they are members of the ‘church’ it is a self-serving, prideful, grandiose lie.

There is no other world for it.


   Yes Art, there is no other world for it.

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