This clip from the veneration of saints and angels debate with Patrick Madrid starts out with a humorous incident. I am answering a question from Madrid when the moderator, Bill Shishko, who is sitting behind Patrick, bangs his gavel to mark the end of the time. Patrick almost jumped out of his skin. It got a good chuckle out of everyone. But then we got back to business.
   I thought Patrick’s “they had a problem with worshiping statues back then that we don’t have today” response was especially weak and problematic, and could be used to overthrow the majority of biblical ethics and the use of the law as a foundation for ethics and morality. And, of course, it begs the issue: asking Catholics if they are worshiping a statue is the whole point of the debate: given the latria/dulia distinction does not pass the biblical test, whether they wish to admit it or not, that is what is taking place (even granting the distinction between the physical object and the spiritual “reality”). Saying “God’s law relating to images is no longer relevant because we don’t have the same temptation to that problem that they had back then” is begging the question, not answering it. Could not a homosexual make the same argument today? In fact, is that not what they do? That the law against homosexual behavior was conditioned by its ancient context, and is hence irrelevant today? Something tells me that if you read Madrid’s position on that topic, he will not be consistent with the enunciations he makes here.

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