I almost lost consciousness this morning when I saw this announcement appear on my screen:

World Premier of Apostolic Fathers!
   Friday night I will be giving an introductory talk on the Apostolic Fathers before showing our new DVD for the first time!! The title is Apostolic Fathers, Handing on the Faith.
   Anyone who buys a copy at this event will also receive a free copy of my audio CD From Baptist to Catholic: the Unintended Journey.

   Oh man, if I could just get a flight to Troy, Michigan, for the World Premiere of this…DVD! I wonder who will be there? Mel? Britney? Denzel? This would be big enough to break out the kilt! But alas, I probably won’t be able to make it. But I sure would like a copy of From Baptist to Catholic: the Unintended Journey. Even the title reminds me of such great works of cinema and literature like…Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
   However, just recently Steve Ray was on Catholic Answers Live talking about the very same topic, so today on the DL, to help Steve celebrate the World Premiere of this DVD, we will be playing some clips from his appearance on the program. We really need to do this since, as we will hear, Ray is an “expert” on the early church. And one thing we have all learned from watching The Journey Home is that all you have to do is pop open a single book of the early church fathers and bang you will be praying to Saint Bellarmine by the time the book hits the desktop. No one has ever read the early church writers without converting to Rome, and surely this new DVD will have folks clamoring to join up as well! Of course…I might have a few facts from the history of that period to bring to bear that might have missed the “cut” and didn’t make it onto the DVD…maybe. We will see! But don’t miss all the excitement of the World Premiere show today on the DL, 7pm Eastern Snob Time, 4pm Pacific Laid Back Time, 4pm Mountain Honoring of Time…Time.
   Oh, btw…for those interested, the final from last night was…D’Backs 3, Cubs 1. 🙂 For some odd reason, my friend back East is not replying to my text messages. Isn’t that odd?

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