Yeah, well, there you go! And another program tomorrow! Stuff started piling up, so, we went long. Started off with Cambridge, MA legalizing polyamory, discussed what is motivating this degradation of the entire culture, discussed Rome’s refusal to bless same-sex marriages, and looked at bit at the centrality of a Christian worldview. Then transitioned into Michael Lofton’s opening statement in a debate with Chris Date, demonstrating the role of sola ecclesia in Roman Catholic theology, epistemology and apologetics. Then finally got to a lengthy section responding to Warren McGrew’s response to last week’s program discussing Judas and John 13, playing a major portion of his response and demonstrating its essential errors. Two and a half hours, and tomorrow we will start off with our Trent Horn response, but I did forget one other element in McGrew’s claims I wanted to deal with, so we will probably revisit that as well.


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