You may get the fairly regular fund-raising e-mails from Catholic Answers like I do if you have ever signed up for their forums. I noticed one arrived last night, and could not help but chuckle:

FIRST, you’ll receive Jimmy Akin’s “Bible Answer Man Debate” audio series. From non-Catholic misinterpretation of the Reverence due Mary to the Protestant notion of justification by faith alone, the central differences between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians are tackled in this three CD-series of debates between Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers director of apologetics and evangelization, and James White, director of the Fundamentalist apologetics organization Alpha and Omega Ministries.

Remember, “Fundamentalist” is a Roman Catholic buzz-word, always meant to engender visions of Jack Chick. Anyway, the irony is that Akin referred me to a paper he has written on what is necessary for him to consider a debate challenge. I would say I would agree with the vast majority of what his paper notes. I would also say that if he took his own writing seriously he would stop calling his BAM appearance a “debate” of any kind. He demands equal time for a debate, rightly so. Nobody gets equal time on a call-in radio program. He demands a clear thesis that is debatable, rightfully so. Just what was the clear thesis statement on BAM again? Uh…right.
Of course, this “masterful debate” (their words) would normally cost you $28 from them. Save your pennies. We offer it as well, but for what it is: the BAM discussion with Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers, available here.

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