Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be posting my brief response. Gary Michuta wrote the basic response and I will flesh it out and add a few items. Gary is a very good apologist and you can learn more about him at But first I have to finish the Study Guide for the Apostolic Fathers’ DVD which has to go to the printer this week.
   I find I am important enough to again be featured on White’s blog. I just skimmed through it because it is too long-winded and goes on and on. Again, he sure takes me more seriously than I’ve ever taken him. Since most of his latest just seems to be his typical whining and invective, I’m not wasting my time in a lengthy response. He’s not worth the time it would take to respond to his latest rant other than to say what I’ve known for a while. He is a waste of time and getting into a tangle with him always makes me feel like I need a shower. My guess is that a lot of people feel this way, except of course his groupies.
   There, now White has another “mean thing said by Steve Ray.” So today he can howl some more and write another long-winded rant. This is actually kind of sad — like poking a rabid dog with a stick. He always responds so predictably. 🙂

   Yes, Rome’s apologists are charitable, insightful, kind, loving, and always ready to give an answer to refutations of their teachings. Behold the glory of Rome. Think any of those folks who were so angry that I dared to raise objections to Beckwith’s claims will call for Ray’s adoption of a more “charitable” mode of behavior? Don’t count on it. Think Akin will call Ray to repent? Think the Cardinals will win the Super Bowl? One man tried to reason with Ray, who can’t seem to see the difference between saying “Person X is wrong about matter Y, and here is documentation Z,” and “Person X is a rabid dog and a waste of time.” This seems to be a problem endemic to RC apologists, as he is not alone in suffering from it. Ray rejected the man’s attempts (see the combox).
   Well, I won’t be long winded—wouldn’t want to delay Mr. Ray in making more money selling his wares! I just hope those buying his stuff realize what they are getting. I certainly hope Michuta’s attempted response comes in at a little higher level than “you’re a moron, Rome is right.”

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