Want further evidence of the decline of every form of “Protestantism” that abandons sola scriptura? Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers noted the Time magazine article(s) on the changing views of Mary in “Protestant” churches, something they are a bit behind the curve on, but hey, they are MSM (MainStream Media) so what do you expect? But note his own words:

   Well, the times, they are a-changin.’
   Partly due to Mel Gibson’s treatment of Mary in The Passion of the Christ, partly due to cooling passions from the Reformation, partly due to Catholic apologetics, and partly due to thoughtful Protestant leaders who have been speaking out on the subject: Mary is now getting more of the respect and devotion she deserves in Protestant circles.
   I’ve been quite surprised at the changes taking place. One Protestant apologist I know speaks very openly about Mary and sounds very Catholic in doing so, even defending titles like Mediatrix on her behalf.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure would be interested in know what Protestant apologist uses “Mediatrix” of Mary. This kind of observation (and I am not disagreeing with the accuracy thereof other than the rather gratuitous use of “thoughtful”) only shows how shallow and vacuous the common Roman Catholic arguments about sola scriptura resulting in “30,000 Protestant denominations” or it being “the blueprint for anarchy” really are, since there are so few Protestant denominations that actually honor and seek to apply any meaningful form of sola scriptura to begin with! If one considers that it is next to impossible to practice sola scriptura without the highest view of Scripture itself, the largest portion of modern Protestant denominations, including “conservative” ones that have their own “traditions” that overthrow the primacy of Scripture, do not actually practice the doctrine! Blaming the doctrine for the disunity of those groups that refuse to believe it and practice it is without merit.

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