If you listened to Gene Cook’s attempted interview/discussion with Dan Corner today, you know it came to a halt when Corner began accusing Gene of editing the mp3 of the previous program. I have looked around Corner’s web-page and have not found the promised documentation of these changes (that website seriously needs help), but the one he played on the program is enough to make you question Corner’s ultimate stability. Why? He alleged that, after allowing Corner to use the term “obedience” dozens and dozens of times throughout the program, he cut out half of the word right at the end of an exchange. To what possible end? What an absurdity, especially in the light of a rather simple fact. Did you catch Gene’s call to The Dividing Line on Thursday? Did you note something about it? Yes, the quality of Gene’s connection was not very good. We checked our system, but it wasn’t on our end. So why was Gene dropping out, and certain words were not clear? Well, Gene mentioned the reason on his program today. His phone service for the program is VoIP, Voice over IP, specifically, Vonage! Go ahead and listen to the last call on the DL. What will you hear? You’ll hear drop-outs, the common problem of all VoIP systems. And if the incoming calls are competing with Gene’s outgoing webcast signal, the more calls he would be getting, the greater stress on his connection, resulting, obviously, in drop outs. And that is obviously what happened in the clip Corner played. I can’t comment on any other of his allegations, since his website is such a mess you can’t find anything, but the one example he gave borders on the absurd, to be sure.
   In any case, let’s remember: Dan Corner edited a recording he made of the phone call that took place at the St. Louis radio station in 2001, cutting my sentence so as to avoid admitting my real meaning. He has been challenged to post the unedited master of his recording ever since then. He has, of course, refused to do so. That’s why I find it incredibly hypocritical of him to start accusing others of editing things when he is the one who has been shown to be less than honest in his use of sound files.

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