Oh, I forgot to add this to the previous…which would have definitely made that the longest title of all time. In any case, folks, we have true emergency on our hands! Thousands…no, millions…no, billions of souls hang in the balance! Yes! The very future of Christianity itself is up in the air, or, isn’t up in the air, depending on how you look at it! Look here:
and we need to do it in first class style, too!
   Yeah, poor Benny Hinn needs a new Gulf Stream, and he’s already named his future mode of transportation, Dove One! I mean, we can’t have Benny Hinn traveling the way the rest of us mortals travel! No, no, how will all those millions of folks get bilked out of their…I mean, millions of folks get blown over by Benny throwing the Holy Spirit…I mean, get saved? “Oh, look, it’s Dove One!” And who gets out? The Spirit…no, the guy who throws the Spirit around like a dodge ball—Benny Hinn.
   You know what the sad thing is? He’ll get his Gulf Stream in the name of Jesus and continue to desecrate the truth and the gospel and give the faith a black eye. It’s judgment, nothing but judgment.
   Then again, would you want to answer before the judgment seat for what he has been doing for years now? I sure wouldn’t.

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