Some of you are aware (probably most by now) that Michael Horton was on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, responding to Joel Osteen’s “theology.” The segment can be view by clicking here. Michael Horton also has posted some article in response here. Kim Riddlebarger writes a wrap up here in which he states:

On the lighter side, just so you know, Michael’s already caught a fair bit of flack from his friends. As one noted Reformed theologian pointed out, “Osteen’s theology may indeed be popcorn theology, but it appears that he can bench press more than Horton can.” Michael has already promised to spend more time in the gym and will challenge Osteen to a rematch. Maybe the only Reformed guy who can currently out-bench Osteen is James White.

Let the games begin!
Update – A Continuous Strain of Silliness
Bob Ross throws his understanding of things into the areana. He states “I have heard Joel Osteen numerous times on TV, I have read his writings, and in just a matter of a couple of sentences at the close of every sermon, Joel preaches more Gospel than Michael Horton evidently even believes.” If Ross wasn’t so serious, it would be as funny as the weight lifting compition about to take place. Ross confirms his seriousness when writes “our nearby [Joel Osteen] neighbor who perhaps reaches more people with the Word of God on any given Sunday than either James or Michael will reach in a lifetime.” So, Mr. Ross doesn’t know the gospel (this is clear from the fact that he believe this is what comes from Joel) and he seems to indicate that numbers are to be significant to us.

Ross claims that I am “holding the fort while James is elsewhere.” This is certainly a stretch….but what should I expect from a man who begins an Email (which isn’t that long) by being critical of James and Michael Horton, claiming that Osteen is “one of their favorite targets.” Has James ever said anything about Osteen? I can’t seem to recall anything. And there is no doubt that Michael Horton has much better things to do. But, I thank God he had the opportunity (in what little time he had) to address these issues.

Ross calls Horton’s comments from 60 Minutes and his articles “delirious diatribe,” then he attacks Horton for being Pedobaptist, and something else about A. D. 70 and Horton not responding to him. Talk about delirious diatribe.

BTW, here are some other resources that should be of interest regarding Osteen. Regarding Mr. Ross, well, this was my first and last comments concerning him.

Your Best Life Now? Assessing Joel Osteen’s Prosperity Message, by Robert Bowman.

Behind The Smile: A Closer Look at Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now” (Real Media file), by Rafael Martinez and Lance King.

“The Leaven of Lakewood — Joel Osteen’s Appealing But Aberrant Message” The Quarterly Journal, Vol 24, No 4.

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