I got a note from “Jeff,” the fellow in the bald cap in this video from Salt Lake City a number of years ago. He writes,

I sir,am the man in the bald cap mocking you with lonnie and ruben at the mormon conference. I just thought i would tell you that, you are blasphemous heathen. You put down God’s holy word; the King James Bible. You smile about it. This tells me that you are disconnected from truth. I’m not saying you are not saved, i’m simply implying that you are mocking the word of god. Now if streetpreachers go out on the streets to share the gospel, you put them down. That tells me one thing, you are against God’s word. Jesus said if you are not with him you are against him. Just some words of wisdom for you James. Jeff

   Well, isn’t that special? And may I say, Jeff, that you, sir, are one of the best friends the Mormons ever had?

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