I wonder if I could get Tim LaHaye to write a foreword for one of my books? Remember this piece of incredible insight written for Dave Hunt’s What Love is This? “This book could well be the most important book written in the twenty-first century for all evangelical Christians to read.” Think about that one for a moment. So today the abridged edition of C. Gordon Olson’s book arrives, Getting the Gospel Right: A Balanced View of Salvation Truth. Now, may I say, that is simply false advertising? There is nothing balanced about Olson’s work. It is a pure defense of synergism and a blatant (and often errant) attack upon monergism. Why do synergists dodge accuracy in advertising? Why not just come out and say, “Hey, I want a God who tries and fails, is eternally disappointed, and a creature, man, who has the final say in salvation, so that salvation is a cooperative effort, OK?” Hmm. Just re-read that. Never mind.
   Anyway, LaHaye has a foreword in the trimmed-down, nicer-looking Olson book. And once again you are left coughing and sputtering at the wide-eyed silliness of his words:

What I find interesting is that in spite of its incredible distribution, no scholar to date has attempted to refute it or anything in it. As another who was impressed with the book said, “The reason no one has attempted to refute it is that they cannot.” I would agree.

   Wow. Frasier Crane said it best:

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