at the Lord’s Coming when the New Jerusalem descends from the heavens and hovers over God’s country, Wisconsin, during the Millennium, the city of Madison will be uprooted and thrown into Lake Michigan.

   Where do most liberal ideas originate? UC Berkeley? Boston? Nope, they originate in the Communist City-State of Madison, Wisconsin. And UW-Madison is the Holy of Holies of Marxism — and the Madison public school and library system is their PC gestapo. Madison is an incongruous city in the mostly conservative state of Wisconsin. I often come across numerous maddening stories of their vanguard liberalism and jaw-dropping political correctness, but this one was brought to my attention: a desire to ban the restaurant drive-through because of the concern for carbon/”global warming.”

   (I predict that the criminalizing of Christianity in Canada that we are witnessing before our eyes will begin to sprout in…Madison. The conditions are there right now.)

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