The Arizona Republic ran a story on the Lonnie Pursifull “I am scared of little old ladies in wheel chairs” story today. JJ Hensley did the write-up. Rich and I are both quoted in the story, and now we know the name of the lady in the wheel chair, Anne Carlisle. Immortalized in print, however, are the words of Pursifull, a carpet-layer and leader of the Wilderness Bible Baptist Church in Duchesne, Utah. “Pursifull said he was afraid when Carlisle came at him in her wheelchair Tuesday night before the Easter pageant.” Yeah, right. Shaking in his boots as this 250 lb. man was “attacked” by a woman on oxygen in her wheelchair. Yeah, I could see the terror in his eyes as he yelled, “I’m going to file charges!” More like glee. And then, “‘It was an attack with a weapon, literally with a weapon,’ Pursifull said Friday as his colleagues preached. ‘The woman could’ve killed somebody with her wheelchair.”” Yeah, he could have died of shin splints, I guess. And what a horrible way to go, too! I had a lot better chance of dying when Lonnie smacked me in the head with his sign, as this video shows:

But then the reporter managed to get Lonnie to give his views about yours truly, “Pursifull claims that White leads a flock of sinners that he thinks rivals those in the LDS Church, largely because they don’t believe the King James version of the Bible is the only trustworthy translation.” Ah, there you go. Ruckmanism at its best. Well, I told Rich Tuesday evening, “Yeah, this will look great. ‘Anti-Mormons have LDS woman on oxygen in wheelchair arrested for attack!’ Just what these guys love.” And there you go. But, at least this time, anyone who desires to know will see that we oppose these spewers of hatred and ignorance, and unlike them, believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, which the LDS people do need to hear, demands sobriety, respect, and a level of maturity on the part of those presenting it befitting its nature and glory.

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